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last updated at 2002-06-22 19:25
Help Wanted
danbri: I want to make some demos/tools that explore the social network of IRC channels
danbri: All I need to get this into the world of stuff I know about is a script which dumps, for each channel, a list of the IRC nicks of its members.
danbri: I don't know any IRC libs too well. I tried both the Ruby ones I found, but no joy. Can anyone here help me over this first hurdle?
sbp: I wrote a bot which does a diff of people in channels
danbri: ooh, got some code snippets I can use?
danbri: We have RDFWeb/FOAF stuff for person-image-person, fatcat-companyboard-fatcat, and Dean has SVG UI for actor-movie-actor graphs...
qmacro: Perl's Net::IRC module has 'irctest' which contains an 'on_names' subroutine/event handler which looks useful for a starter
danbri: Written in Java, but driven from Python
danbri: I've not tried this, nor Zope in a while. If anyone else has, a review for RDFIG would be much appreciated.
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