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last updated at 2002-05-13 21:15
dajobe: I've given captions now, but surely somebody can do better than this with SVG or something?
dajobe: there are multiple axes that could be annotated - overlapping group memberships as well as people
dajobe: this also makes a lot of libby's codepiction routes rather shorter :)
dajobe: there were others not around for the photo including Ora Lassila (R1,R2)
JibberJim: codepiction RDF with paths and simple SVG
JibberJim: People highlighted, all generated from the RDF
dajobe: good job!
dajobe: generated from Jim's SVG paths to co-depiction RDF pages
bijan: For your pleasure and amusement.
bijan: Of an excellent article, if I do say so myself.
JibberJim: Why is this XML output rather than RDF?
JibberJim: 6 Degrees of seperation SVG demo is very nice, but why go away from RDF?
JibberJim: RDF parser inside SVG
JibberJim: Paths through clipped codepiction data - not enough data here really.
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