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last updated at 2002-03-11 23:37
dmiles: Allows Logic system to walk object models non-deterministically to create
dmiles: Symbiotic Reflection between an Object-Oriented and a Logic Programming Language
danbri__: RDF generated with Max's soap2rdf stylesheet
danbri__: Currently not working
danbri_: MaxF's SOAP2RDF XSLT sheet, takes SOAP Encoding, outputs RDF/XML
danbri_: Comments/tweaks welcomed
danbri_: See soap-eg1.xml for some sample SOAP data. The XSLT currently knows a bit about the namespaces used, but this can be passed in as a parameter (and won't be needed in XSLT 2.0, apparently).
danbri_: I'm still not sure my target RDF output is quite right. Jena parser doesn't like it, and Dave's merges two nodes that should be distinct.
danbri_: See also w3c XHTML2RSS service, using online XSLT Web service. Could someone try these URLs there?
chaals: An open source development kit from IBM, an architecture and framework for creating intermediary applications on the web. It's a programmable proxy and web server that can run on the user's machine or remotely. A very promising platform for building filters and transformation tools to repair web sites. Java based, so it should run anywhere
chaals: (according to the WAI's list of Evaluation, Transform and Repair tools for Web Content Accessibility)
danbri: Now working on a halfway house file that is the SOAP minimally tweaked to be RDF.
danbri: RDF syntax, see 'parseType="Resource"'. We're trying to XSLT SOAP Encoding syntax into some form of RDF.
danbri: I'm thinking that using pt=r not RDF striping will be easier.
danbri: The 'submit' button now (visibly) works, showing an echo of what the server received :)
danbri: Bug report: if you zoom in with the adobe plugin, it gets confused
danbri: Very cool though :)
danbri: Worked for me with Adobe plugin v3.0 and Mozilla 0.9.6+
danbri: Zoom bug now fixed :)
danbri: Zooming feature now enhanced :)
danbri: Now at sourceforge. "Use a KIF/CycL like language to represent shared activities among autonomic agents. Java and Prolog libraries integrate with a first person MOO system
danbri: "Java Libraries are provided that you need to use KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format) and soon enough DAML (DARPA Agent Markup Language) content into an episodic simulation inside a virtual world MOO
danbri: Like RDF-moo except it isn't vapourware ;-)
danbri: See cvs web interface for codebase.
danbri: The thing I find interesting is that when I've previously created MOOs with the Xerox MOO server, the environments I create need to be populated with data from the wider Web. For example, the 'diary' object in my office should be populated with rdf-calendar data from my Palm pilot. Classic MOO didn't provide much flexibility in this regard (although see Larr
danbri: ...ter's gopher/www intergration work). Prolog/RDF MOO would be handy if it exposed RDF data and Web services to the MOO scripting environment.
danbri: Azaroth (seen here sometimes) has MOO code that hooks a MOO talk channel to #rdfig IRC. More in that vein might be fun. MOO seems a more fluid environment for scripting/hacking and experimentation than IRC. The overhead for hacking IRC bots is still too high.
dmiles: Symbiotic Reflection between an Object-Oriented and a Logic Programming Language
danbri: Odd, I'd got the impression XML Schema didn't use '#' in the uri refs to the datatypes. Guess I should read the spec more.
jonb-gamma: just trying to keep you honest
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