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last updated at 2002-03-09 10:04
danbri: Interesting piece on the Scientologists alleged attempts to influence Google's ranking by arranging massive crosslinking. Includes diagrams of cross-referencing structures, produced by VisIT (billed as 'a revolutionary new way to search the Internet', 'patent pending' etc., sigh...).
danbri: I'm thinking of resending this. I want to find out how SOAP folk are implementing and testing the Encoding part of the spec. Replies from Martin Gudgin (interesting point about role of SOAP-Enc)
danbri: Also see (related thread) Jacek Kopecky, who notes "Our encoding (and data model, actually) are very much modelled for the usual needs of RPC and by the usual data models of programming environments, so probably RPC is the only major use for SOAP Encoding, but I doubt it is the only use."
danbri: I wonder which of the Apache SOAP efforts they mean. Hopefully Axis.
danbri: Oh, "This Project Has Not Released Any Files". Looks like they're not using SourceForge.
danbri: Aha, Web Services for Python is the SourceForge name for the PySOAP stuff project. See also O'Reilly intro article.
danbri: Here's the CVS browse tree. See, and maybe some of the tests (which reminds me, if any finds test suite info on SOAP Encoding Data Model, I'm all ears...).
edd: Somewhere in here is the SOAP Encoding stuff...
danbri: oops, see colourised prettyprinted version for readability. I think we want the 'SOAP Parser' section.
danbri: "There are two visions of how use of the global network will evolve in the future. First, individuals providing access to material from libraries and other suppliers of information and entertainment."
danbri: "Second, in addition to communicating with these data sources, people will communicate with each other[...] This paper is about a system that combines the two uses."
danbri: I owned the RDF end of this XMLP WG Open Issue but dropped the ball for a while, focussing on implementation experience. Meanwhile it got urgent: the SOAP folks want to go to Last Call asap, and hence close this issue.
danbri: Feedback (esp from implementors with SOAP and RDF) experience needed.
danbri: My October 2001 notes on SOAP Issue 29 may also be of interest. "This document provides some background material to aid
danbri: RDF over SOAP, notes towards closure of XML Protocol WG's Issue 29, 'non-serialisable data models'.
danbri: "we shouldn't be casual about creating further divisions between W3C XML languages: if RDF maps into the SOAP-encoding model, we gain a common approach to structured data exchange in the Web. If it doesn't, that's a shame, life goes on. But I want to hear a clear account of what SOAP-encoding is for if I'm to adopt the view that RDF (and XMI) apps shouldn't expect to use it. "
danbri: "If RDF and XMI developers shouldn't expect to find any use in the SOAP-encoding mechanism, who should? Topicmaps folk? semi-structured database developers? "
danbri: As originally converted by AaronSw. Anybody want to spend some chat-time on this work? ie. the mapping from the SOAP Encoding Data Model to RDF graphs?
danbri: Nearby: my SOAP Data Model notes. "This is my work-in-progress understanding of what the SOAP
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