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last updated at 2002-03-04 22:43
danbri: "For most Web surfers, Flash is the blinking, animated frosting on Web sites. Now Macromedia wants to make it the whole cake. The software maker is pitching Flash MX, the new version of the software to be announced Monday, as a one-stop resource for designing entire Web pages and associated applications."
danbri: Far be it from me to take CNet at face value, but spending a bit of time on RDF/SW-meets-SVG might be timely... (and worthwhile for a dozen other reasons)
danbri: Featuring photo from my first balloon flight...
danbri: And dud link to YahooGroups, who're currently offline
danbri: If you've anything to contribute to an update to that page, chump it here and I'll pull links together into a revision.
danbri: damian pointed me at this. Uses pre-RDF RSS but is kinda cute...
danbri: Implemented in Ruby too :)
danbri: I'm about to fix the character encoding bug (missed out the charset declaration), need a tool to check it's OK. Anyone got a recommendation?
danbri:'s WF checker seems happy as-is...
dajobe: my version of the RDFS schema and examples, updated for syntax changes although the Ntriples look wrong
danbri: It appears DanC fixed the char enc bug last year, not sure why we had another bug report against it. Anyway, I'm trying to fix the content-type to be XML at least instead of text/plain
danbri: I tried and failed to fix content-type. will investigate server config stuff. text/plain again for now...
jhendler: announced by Michael Sintek on www-webont-wg
sbp: announcement: TEST, ANN: TRIPLE, and Re: ADMIN: Sign Up Please
jhendler: One goal of TRIPLE is to have a language for data integration
jhendler: which requires one inference process to understand and process
jhendler: the semantics of several data sources which are expressed
jhendler: in different (Semantic Web) languages like RDF Schema, DAML+OIL,
jhendler: OWL, UML, Topic Maps, etc.
jhendler: (quoted from triple page)
DanC: hmm... is this the first release?
MarkB: another way of looking at HTTP-in-RDF
MarkB: not sure how far I can go with this though
chaals: doesn't yet work in Mozilla 0.9.??? with Adobe plugin yet...
chaals: a blurb from a couple of days ago.
chaals: Amaya has an image-map maker - might be interesting to see if they can produce a transformation to make an image and imagemap into an SVG...
bijan: bijan answers: "Why yes, danbri! Glad you volunteered!" :)
bijan: A Spec might be nice too :)
bijan: There is the Cwm regression tests but I've been having trouble making sense of them as a coherent whole and in plumbing for tests of specific functionality. Also seems to be a lot of "parser/converstion" tests (I could be wrong about this).
bijan: Also tests involving obsolete syntax. Also, it's not always clear (to me) what the results should be.
bijan: I am accumulating a few and would welcome more.
bijan: One test trickery is bNodes in output (have to do a bit of work to compare).
bijan: Yay to sbp for releasing a beta of Eep, btw.
bijan: Hmm. Looks like Eep has some test cases, albeit not in a huge convenient form.
bijan: (I.e., he embeds his tests in Python source code as Python strings.)
sbp: Also: my reply on www-rdf-interest, giving a general overview of the tests required
danbri: Was getting pretty out of date, so I retitled it 'RDF Web Services in Mozilla' and added links to Annozilla, Annotea and Libby's survey document.
danbri: Just checked it in; waiting for site to rebuild. Suggestions for fixes to Mozilla docs welcome; send to
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