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last updated at 2002-03-02 19:12
sbp: Argh, my email client screwed up the code formatting. I should really increase the max. column width for my emails
bijan: "Whilst I'm at it, I have a mild request too: could you allow loading of builtins modules from a separate configuration file?" Here here!
sbp: Also: Experimental NTriples Parser In Notation3, which uses the list mechanism to return the results of a RegExp
sbp: and some List Builtins For CWM
sbp: There are still quite a few bugs...
Topic Map APIs
danbri: TMAPI on sourceforge (see high level overview diagram), and TM4J (with online developer guide). Nearby, Ontopia web app example. See sample (T)MP3 application.
danbri: larsbot "actually, Ontopia's topic map auto-generation product does stuff -> RDF -> topic maps", "so we do XML -> RDF, GEDCOM -> RDF, mail -> RDF, CSV -> RDF, chew the RDF, then do RDF -> TM"
danbri: larsbot "and after that we intend to use the TM to improve the x -> RDF quality"
danbri: The MP3Mapper code in TM4J seems to give a good flavour of creating TMs via an API
danbri: Experimenting with using the Gimp image editor to produce HTML image maps. I'm a bit confused about all the (legacy?) formats at the moment, but the idea seems promising...
danbri: The current output, when HTML tidied, has href's to their mailbox. Next job is writing filter that turns this into SVG and/or RDF.
RDFWeb/FOAF Co-Depiction SVG metadata creator
danbri: So I was talking to Damian about ways of creating SVG outlines superimposed on photos, for RDFWeb etc... and I realised something I'd for some reason forgotten.
danbri: that the problem is basically the same problem as creating imagemap files for HTML / images, and there are dozens of tools out there. In addition to Amaya's handy SVG support.
danbri: In fact we created one in the ILRT TML/NetQuest project. Or rather Joel Crisp did. A Java applet for authoring imagemaps
danbri: Just got to find the source... (or a more recent tool; joel's was done when Java was in alpha release...)
danbri: Random examples: Meracl imagemap tool, Web hotspots and others. There must be 100s of tools that could be tweaked to create SVG/RDF image region metadata :)
danbri: Most of them are Win32. I'm looking for Java/Linux right now, so might revert to Joel's tool, if I can find it. Ah, TML imagemapper. Source code link is dead though :(
danbri: Gimp imagemap plugin might be worth investigating. Not now though...
jonb: for the diehard friday afternoon #rdfig crowd
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