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last updated at 2002-02-11 21:46
jah-mac: Somewhat notional view of Ontologies being used to provide mappings between terms in different XML schemas
jah-mac: extends slides on what XML schemas are created by Frank van Harmelen
DanCon: chuckle: "but to your machine, the tags look like this... [greek]"
DanCon: "The Chord project aims to build scalable, robust distributed systems using peer-to-peer ideas."
DanCon: Karger et al.
AaronSw: I've implemented Chord in Python for the Plex Project.
sbp: and Blanu is working on AChord - an anonymous version of Chord
AaronSw: with Cherub -- who will be presenting AChord at IPTPS
AaronSw: Just got my preprint copy of the magazine today. Looks great!
AaronSw: Links to a website with more info.
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