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last updated at 2002-02-10 20:08
The State of The Python Union - New Language Features?
dajobe: PPT, PDF but no portable document format available
dajobe: "TBL's tripel graph notation?"
sbp: Also Index of Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs)
AaronSw: Also: '­ add "http:// python. org/ Python2.2/" to sys. path?'
AaronSw: He also muses on adding YAPPs or SPARK and perhaps "TBL's triple store API" to the stanard Python library
DanCon: a source of LDAP clues
AaronSw: "First generation web services are like first generation Internet connections. They are not integrated with each other and are not designed so that third parties can easily integrate them in a uniform way."
AaronSw: "This next generation of web services will likely adhere to an architectural style called REST, the underlying architectural model of the current Web. It stands for "representational state transfer". Roy Fielding of eBuilt created the name in his PhD dissertation. Recently, Mark Baker of Planetfred has been a leading advocate of this architecture."
DanCon: [[Summary: Resources (data objects) are like children. They need to have names if they are to participate in society.
danbri: All the scribbles I could track down for the (oh yeah, new) site. Hmm, just remembered some more.
danbri: see also other nearby notes, experiments and stupidity... sw and me, RDF query, distributed..., FOAF schoolHomepage eg, semantic web club.
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