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last updated at 2002-01-29 23:44
jonb: Primitive Recursive Arithmetic in N3 by Dan Connolly
jonb: this really is 'logic on the web'
bijan: Enjoy.
dajobe: "Q:Do namespace declarations apply to attribute _values_ ? A: Yes, when using a datatype based on QName from XML Schema"
jonb: qnames as shorthand for uris becoming popular across a wide range of applications
bijan: Evil!
dajobe: P3P defines an optional (strongly encouraged) well known location of site path "/w3c/p3p.xml"
dajobe: w3c doesn't have that one :)
dajobe: microsoft does
AaronSw: I'm not sure if I'm reading their policy correctly, but it seems they get all your personal info, hold it indefinitely and use it for telemarketing, contact and customization unless you opt-out.
dajobe: I can't confirm that, but there is a policy you can point at and tell people "they said this"
AaronSw: The P3P Compact Policy Interpreter's interpretation seems to agree with me.
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