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last updated at 2001-12-13 20:14
danbri: Practical RDF puzzles: photos, unicorns, web ontologies...
danbri: Rough notes I've just made. It doesn't make any great claims, just tries to describe a problem...
sbp: By Jim Ley
re-thinking cwm's string output stuff
DanC: rather than just strings, I'd rather see it support (a) tab-delimited I/O, and
DanC: ... and (b) structured XML
DanC: cf discussion
DanC: rdf-mathlit-noLit stuff in RDF syntax experiments Makefile is my current test case for rdf:parseType="Literal"
DanC: I think maybe a SAX vocabulary would be less awkward than the current infoset-based vocab
danbri: EARL uses reification heavily. In N3 we have contexts syntax to make this prettier. In RDF (and RDF/XML) it can seem verbose. So I tried to recast EARL in a more hypertext style, where it makes claims about other documents that make (un-reified) claims.
danbri: Comments etc from Sean et al welcome. Am I understanding EARL correctly?
danbri: live version (still has bugs)
sbp: cf. Sean's reply
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