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last updated at 2001-12-01 23:41
sbp: "On the Web, important things are identified by URIs. This should clearly apply both to the document itself and to the language."
sbp: "[...] it clearly mekes sense to allow any language which has the concept of a sentence -- maybe any language at all - to allow sentences from other languages to be included anywhere where a sentence of its own could go. This should be a generic feature of XML schemas."
sbp: "There is currently (1999/9) much debate in the XML world over exactly what defines a language, [...] If this debate resolves itself such that athe identity of a language is not clearly defined. In that case the XML namespace mechanism may prove an insufficiently firm foundation for the semantic web, or any application of data on the web."
sbp: Discusses all sorts of stuff relating to URIs and URI references, what they denote, how to say what they denote, and how to be clear about content types
sbp: Kinda proposes a mix between Tim's Generic and Doc vocabularies
mnot: another day in the life of RDFIG (oops)
sbp: Interesting discussion about URIs, URNs, resources, etc.
sbp: "CWM can now do addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, remainders, negation, exponentiation, count the members in a DAML list, and do the normal truth checking functions, only sub classed for numeric values"
sbp: Follows on from Cryptography In CWM: Hashes, which added crypto:md5 and crypto:sha to CWM
sbp: Try the module, and the test math-test.n3 etc., all attached
danbri: Probably mentioned this before, but doing this was the thing that convinced me about the Web. We had people contact us from all over, replying to blurbs I circulated online
danbri: Note to self: do some SemWeb multilingual stuff next year (image archives; thesauri...)
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