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last updated at 2001-11-29 23:04
sbp: Requires OpenSSL
sbp: In the documentation RSA key functions
sbp: "If you want to install OpenSSL on a Windows system and you don't have a C compiler, read the "Mingw32" section of INSTALL.W32 for information on how to obtain and install the free GNU C compiler." -
avoid netsplits; try niven
DanCon: DanBri and DanCon are using in an attempt to avoid netsplits. Others are welcome to try likewise.
DanCon: er... maybe just DanCon
danbri: Correction, let's try (noting that everything's up in the air currently with server upgrades...)
DanC: tim: pcA system quite fancy -- involves "proove this then" challenge and negotiation.
DanC: dissapointing bit is that they had to use HTTPS (I think they mean HTTP over SSL).
DanC: i.e. there's a session id that you have to transmit confidentially.
AaronSw: by Robert Levin (aka lilo)
tim-gone: while we are talking history ;-)
jah-home: Jim H. sure hopes he remembered to put a smiley face in "B:"
jah-home: Where Tim stole the semantic web idea from :->
jah-home: Semantic Web vision paper
jah-home: © 1997 Alexander Chislenko. - Version 0.28 - 29 June, 1997
danbri: I've made a backup copy for archival and reference.
jah-home: article on ontologies for business (on the web)
bijan: Production systems
bijan: replace "==>" with "log:implies" and see how it feels :)
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