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last updated at 2001-11-28 23:23
AaronSw: See also pymmetry the Python implementation.
SethR: by John F. Sowa
SethR: note: Last Modified: 11/24/2001 19:58:46
SethR: I especially like the new picture at the end of the pager :)
DanC: by Lujo Bauer, Michael A. Schneider, and Edward W. Felten.
DanC: found this when pointing somebody at the PCA stuff the other day, cited from timbl's logic design issues note
bijan: From the Loom folks.
bijan: I've chumped it before, I'll prolly chump it again.
bijan: As I recall, a must read for Semantic Webbers. But hey, I've been wrong before :)
SethR: I still think what the sem web needs is a good dictionary
SethR: I want somthing like
SethR: that is a URI .. also a URL that would return a page hyperlinked to the various namespaces in which the word 'instance' existed
sandro: Cool. Competition (in this case for XSB) is good.
sandro: license is "non-commercial use", commercial license costs money.
sandro: Nice explanation
sandro: some prolog (XSB-really) hackery for turning n3 logic into XSB logic
sandro: written before I'd read Bijan's articles -- it's a bit messy, since I was still unsure what RDF should look like in prolog.
dajobe: last worked in August 2001, barfed around line 10M
dajobe: converted 137M of 'RDF' content.rdf.gz to 730M of ungzipped rdf/xml before death
sbp: Just collecting an anthology of the various occasions where this has been discussed
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