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last updated at 2001-11-26 23:13
danbri: Crap or visionary? feedback welcomed...
AaronSw: Danbri loses coolness points for publishing in PDF.
AaronSw: Thankfully, Google can translate to HTML
jah-home: some doodling with the idea of ontology for mapping XML pages (w schemas)
jah-home: very vague, but connotes the idea
jah-home: part of attempt to add new business cases to SW beyond Tim's DB mapping
DanC: see also: MarkN 3Oct on extracting statements from XML
timbl: Looking to coodinate early adopters of technology and help them make accompanying social change
sbp: From TimBL
sbp: Argues, "There are only some sorts of thing which can be represted in bits.
sbp: Those I call documents.
sbp: " (end quote), but also that "Fortunately, the fragment ID allows us to refer to something defined or described by the document, and that can be quite abstract."
sbp: "I don't mind the semantic web architecture being built on a infrastructure of documents ((and messages))."
sbp: In reply to my Entity-Type suggestion: "I must agree with Roy's "aaagh!" I'm afraid."
sbp: cf. Generic Resources
dajobe: "augments the traditional web browser to provide enhanced navigation and information retrieval to users of the hybrid web - the combination of the visual web and the semantic web"
dajobe: an Explorer bar for IE on Windows
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