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last updated at 2001-11-15 23:26
DanC: the SWAD page is updated to include links to the swad-chart, and the two are somewhat in sync.
DanC: I'm interested to know if the chart helps other folks see how their work relates.
DanC: the chart and/or the text, that is.
AaronSw: Cool animated visualization of generic graphs.
AaronSw: With Ka-Ping Yee, no less. That kid is everywhere.
bijan: This guy seems cool, in that wacked, Oh my GOD, sort of way.
bijan: If you know what I mean.
em: script that breaks apart RDFIG chump annotatations and posts these to the annotea annotation server
em: work in progress, comments, suggestions more than welcome! :)
em: annotations now being loaded into server
em: Editors, Art Barstow and Dave Beckett
em: This document provides a set of machine processable test cases corresponding to technical issues addressed by the RDF Core Working Group.
em: Kudos to all in the working group that helped to get this out!
AaronSw: associated metadata
AaronSw: Some notes I wrote up after thinking about Tim's talk. Please send comments.
DanC: DanC's postings to comp.lang.python e.g. What if python modules were COM components?
DanC: and Re: Python, Tcl and Perl, oh my! (was Re: tcl vs. perl)
DanC: the python/COM bit is particularly relevant to python10, now that python is being ported to the .NET common runtime (by ActiveState?)
DanC: and Toward Cooperative Multitasking
DanC: asyncore has become part of the standard python distribution, basically giving me the cooperative multitasking I asked for. works great! (witness telagent)
AaronSw: I now believe in TupleSpaces for threading, because they give the ease of use I was upset that Python didn't have.
DanC: I want to study E's concurrency structures. The guarantee against deadlock is awfully enticing.
SethR: I'm betting they find the Semantic Cloud first
DanC: Orlando: A Logical Mnemonic Model for Calendaring and Scheduling
DanC: sigh... more microparsing.
DanC: e.g. Greg(2020) STARTS DayP5D(3) AND (HourP18H(7)
DanC: I wish the terms were grounded in URI-space
DanC: which came up here in a discussion of applying XP terminology to a semantic web advanced development project chart
jhendler: pardon the rechump, page has improved
DanC: cf E in a Walnut
jhendler: one of the questions on the "ask the experts" section of SW class wiki
jhendler: helps make clear some of the difficulties in understanding current Daml+oil
DanC: TimBL's abstract for python10
DanC: also: bio
dajobe: PDF only
jhendler: Students at UMCP's SW course have chosen topics for group hacking
jhendler: I'm sure they'd welcome feedback and pointers to ongoing work
jhendler: (but note - they were allowed to do projects that resembld others,
jhendler: so constructive pointers favored)
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