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last updated at 2001-09-13 23:12
jhendler: | UMCP SW class assignment 1
jhendler: easy one to get them started with RDF/DAML while we discuss tools and the like
shellac: squish on freenet?
danb_laptop: I had a proposal for RDF storage over freenet; i think this is it but can't get to that page right now to check.
danb_laptop: checking google cache, that's the right thread, but wrong post. Basic idea was to use it as a triple store. Laying over the SQL thing might be much easier though.
jhendler: SWAG's N3 to RDf converter on the web
jhendler: seems to be broken - assume it is a problem, but could be something else
jhendler: none of the examples work
danb_laptop: Based on the system. Unfinished.
JHendler-class: which the students will look at...
JHendler-class: for the students to check out later
AaronSw: SWAP: Semantic Web Area For Play / Semantic Web Application Platform
las: excellent guide to web site best practices
AaronSw: What makes a cool URI? A cool URI is one which does not change. What sorts of URI change? URIs don't change: people change them.
jhendler: perhaps we should figure out how RDF ontology registry (project?) and DAML ontology libraries might be used togeth.
sandro: Isn't interoperable data sets what RDF is all about? :-)
DanC: eXtreme Programming: The Semantic Web
DanC: JimH asked if I'd be around today (13Sep) at 5-7pET, and I accepted.
DanC: around to answer questions from folks in his class, that is.
DanC: since I accepted, (a) the world has turned upside down, and (b) I realized I have a telcon scheduled at 4:30pET. But I think that'll be quick and I can devote considerable attention here.
AaronSw: I'll probably be around to answer questions then.
dajobe: I should be around 17:00-19:00 EST
AaronSw: Prototype by Eric Miller, built using Redfoot
AaronSw: By Jeremy Carroll
dajobe: proceedings available online
dajobe: although they are in PDF, which isn't very good for semantic web mining :)
dajobe: #2 - The Semantic Web, #3 Metadata Harvesting
dajobe: (#1 Wireless)
dajobe: one of several recent articles in about RDF/Semantic web
dajobe: Metadata giver masser af mening
dajobe: Berners-Lees vision: Det meningsgivende web
dajobe: I can't find a Danish->English web-translation server but looks decent coverage though - RDF/XML examples, nodes-and-arcs
AaronSw: Creates bootable disks which turn ordinary machine into HTTP caches.
AaronSw: Used by over 40 libraries worldwide.
AaronSw: Source code coming soon
danb_home: Sounds like the (older; dead/resting...) LSD project, which was based on the idea of Linux and Squid on a diskette.
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