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last updated at 2001-09-09 23:50
AaronSw: CodeCon is about "demonstrations of working code with cryptographic, security, privacy-enhancing, p2p, and cypherpunk value. This is in contrast to the majority of other conferences, which tend either to be one or more of vendor-and-marketspeak dominated, academic and irrelevant, or just drunken parties."
danbri: Funny...
AaronSw: Need to take this in to my class on logic. :-)
AaronSw: wrapper page
danbri: Ok, I'm a geek! I admit it... (if you look closely, web-o-trust RDF / Prolog in the picture...)
danbri: Updated RDFWeb friend-of-a-friend co-depiction demo - added an Amaya/SVG HOWTO
danbri: To celebrate the SVG REC :)
danbri: Added a couple more demo examples; I ought to check that the depictees don't mind...
danbri: Chumped (again :) by accident, but maybe worth revisiting.
danbri: All we need now is a good usage scenario -- why would anyone want a Prolog / RDF query system embedded in their Web browser...?
danbri: Which spits out kif; see also earlier version
danbri: See also PrologVirtualWorlds from dmiles; Mystic MUD from rreck; Azaroth's Syrinnia, and DanBri's RDF MOO notes and samples ( places and verbs).
danbri: See also Azaroth's MOO to IRC gateway hacking, from #rdfig a while back.
dmiles: Mistaken Add.. temp dirrecory of Inference engine uplod dirrectory
dmiles: Data is stored here before it gets parsed
dmiles: SUO Merged with Wordnet
danbri: See also SUO in DAML work
danbri: I took Aaron's ntriple/soap examples and started to explore how they'd look as a set of tests for SOAP interop, visualisation etc.
danbri: I edited the .nt files a bit, haven't touched the .n3; there were a few odd things in the .n3 I didn't understand; anyway, I like the way this is headed
danbri: I also collected a few related links; the Apache Axis tests perhaps being of particular interest; they're couched in terms of Java objects instead of NTriple'd graphs.
AaronSw: Feel free to ask me about the N3.
dmiles: SUO Inference Engine
dmiles: Finially getting there - but still bugs.. please choose Web User Profile
dmiles: language documentation at
dmiles: mail bugs to
dmiles: if the page is mangled please click refresh
dmiles: Click ask/tell, then on the next page click the ask button (instance ?X Relation)
dmiles: Note the SUO ontology (Merge) shown was created during voting and still needs to be approved once again
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