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last updated at 2001-09-02 20:56
AaronSw: It would be great if someone could fix the problem in the the RDF namespace that this email described
AaronSw: It sets a bad example to be using the wrong namespace in the RDF namespace itself.
AaronSw: There are also, of course, a number of problems with the RDFS namespace and associated information.
AaronSw: A number of the problems are described in a message to rdf-interest
dajobe: somebody should really start a group to fix RDF problems
AaronSw: Hey wait... they already did. It's called RDF Core. ;-)
AaronSw: I've run the test cases against real RDF parsers to see how they do.
AaronSw: We have about a 71% success rate, which I think is pretty good.
danbri: Contributions from danbri, Andy Powell; anybody else want to offer a variant?
danbri: I still like, "The Web is about links; the Semantic Web is about the relationships implicit in those links."
danbri: Especially since finding TimBL's 1994 slides that graphically depict this shadowing of the real world by the Web.
danbri: Includes example of Algae queries against the annotations database.
danbri: I'm working on exposing these via Squish/SOAP
danbri: Minor success: just got such a query slurping out Annotea data. I need to look into privacy etc stuff before circulating a demo.
danbri: See also querying Annotea with Squish and SOAP notes I've just made.
AaronSw: """This software is a simple expert system shell that uses RDF for all of its input: knowledge base, inference rules and elements of the resolution strategy employed. It supports forward and backward chaining."""
bijan: First production release.
bijan: "LISA is a production-rule system implemented in the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), and is heavily influenced by CLIPS and the Java Expert System Shell (JESS)."
bijan: "At its core is a reasoning engine based on an object-oriented implementation of the Rete algorithm, a very efficient mechanism for solving the difficult many-to-many matching problem..."
bijan: "Intrinsic to LISA is the ability to reason over CLOS objects without imposing special class hierarchy requirements; thus it should be possible to easily augment existing CLOS applications with reasoning capabilities." Sounds cool!
deltab: I didn't mean to have this URL recorded here: sorry Guido.
DanC: front-side-of-one page
DanC: based on Yapps
DanC: see test target in Makefile
DanC: you also need
DanC: basic triples seem to work, but not {}s.
DanC: oh! maybe it does work just fine! I'm just not using the N3 writer stuff that knows how to write {}s and such.
DanC: rdfn3.g,v 1.8 2001/08/31 22:15:44 now works quite well. fixed a major bug.
DanC: rdfn3.g,v 1.10 2001/08/31 22:59:58 groks ?foo
DanC: whee! yet another N3 dialect.
DanC: other n3 dialects:, two implementations by sandro, n-triples,, Euler
DanC: see also sandro's yacc/lex implementation of N3
DanC: and sandro's blindfold N3 grammar
DanC: hmm... perhaps "scope" is a better term than "context" in this and other bits of swap/n3/cwm code.
DanC: I sent a note of thanks to Amit Patel, the developer of Yapps
DanC: er.. note of thanks that is
DanC: cleaned up the N3 design note a bit to reference more recent work
DanC: generated hypertext grammar from rdfn3.g. fun!
DanC: hmm... gotta read up on attribute grammars; lots of interesting stuff in Cover's attribute grammars and XML
DanC: Libby Miller (Tue, Jun 12 2001)
DanC: I wonder what's the status of these
DanC: see also: presentations by Robie, [somebody else] at Extreme Markup
DanC: hmm... libby's message doesn't say, in so many words, "Can XML Query do this? If so, how?"
libby: I helped robie out with rdf bits of his paper
DanC: I followed up on libby's message and learned from the chair and staff contat that the WG has taken note of the comment and is working on it.
AaronSw: Describing the pitfalls on the way to the Semantic Web: """A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be a utopia. It's also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris and hysterically inflated market opportunities."""
AaronSw: While the author is somewhat sensationalist, the points he makes are useful to understand, if only so we can attempt to avoid the problems.
AaronSw: Web Architecture in 1 line: """When TimBl invented the web he wrote three things: HTTP, HTML and the URI. The URI was the most important thing because it allowed nearly everything to relate to nearly everything else"""
AaronSw: Why is this important? """Interests try to bias the architecture to their own interest. New York city planner Robert Moses designed his roads and over-passes so as to exclude the 12-foot high public transit buses that carried people -- often poor or of color -- to the parks and beaches he also designed. AvantoGo uses a conduit to make PDA accessible content unavailable on the Web. (Give me the URL to the palm accessible New York Times? You prob
AaronSw: ably can't find it. Balkanization of the Web serves their interest.)"""
sbp: Yes, again
AaronSw: Ugh, not again.
sbp: This one does appear to work though, at least a little bit
sbp: See also, the slightly more comprehensive stylesheet and example results
AaronSw: It's about time they opened this to the public!
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