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last updated at 2001-08-10 23:38
sbp: To do inferences etc. with NQuads, you have to hopelessly practically every statement that you make, so...
sbp: If you simply add a fourth term to NTriples (as a context), it becomes a lot easier. You don't have to reify nearly as much
sbp: e.g.:-
sbp: :x :y :z :m . :z :y :x :n . :m log:implies :n :a . :a log:forAll :x ... . :a log:forAll :y ... .
sbp: s/hopelessly practically/hopelessly reify practically
sbp: the fourth term it's just a context
sbp: These things aren't strictly being reified, because you can have more that one member, e.g. :x :y :z :m . :a :b :c :m .
AaronSw: """At the lowest level, EGTP messages are all s-expressions, as defined in Internet Draft draft-rivest-sexp-00.txt. This is a human-readable, 8-bit-clean, structured format which is simple and efficient to produce and to parse. It is therefore nearly as efficient in time and space as customized binary encodings or ASN.1, while being as flexible, and nearly as human-readable, as XML."""
AaronSw: This is the protocol for MojoNation
AaronSw: Mojo Nation is a P2P file service, but these folks also study Attack Resistant Meta Data
danbri: An as-yet-undetermined prize for first person to hack a 'Semantic Web Services' demo into the js-prolog tool.
danbri: Rules... The 'Semantic Web Services' demo should show a question being asked in the prolog environment, where certain values get plugged into a SOAP call and the results folded back into the answers found by js-prolog.
danbri: Look at the external/3 predicate for a technique for calling out to other Javascript libraries
danbri: see xmethods for a list of sample web services that speak SOAP.
danbri: Pity the idoox js-SOAP only supports IE5+ currently
dajobe: We develop tools to assist electrical utilities with implementations of the EPRI Common Information Model, which is also known as IEC 61970-301.
dajobe: CIM-RDF page and the CIM RDF Schemas
dajobe: wow, that's large - ~400K of RDFS
danja: got assert
danja: but no sign of functional
danja: still strongly typed, guys...
look: I think that's intentional... :)
look: The new ImageIO API in Java 1.4 is great
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