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last updated at 2001-08-02 22:54
AaronSw: The need for semantics in the Web
AaronSw: I suspect this was the presentation from SWWS.
sbp: Good talk
danja: | Tractable Closed World Reasoning with Updates (Etzioni 94)
danja: old paper, but ties well with current probs
danja: "Our work was motivated by the problem of eliminating redundant information gathering in planners with incomplete information".
jimH-lurk: Paper on ontology versioning
jimH-lurk: by Jeff Heflin
jimH-lurk: apologies it is in PDF, but that was form conference insisted on.
AaronSw: Not true, it accepted HTML
jimH-lurk: not this conference (AAAI), sorry Aaron (not an SWWS paper)
AaronSw: Oops, sorry - just getting so used to SWWS papers this week. ;-)
AaronSw: A college course teaching RDF, RDFS, DC, Annotea, and RSS!
AaronSw: Watch out, Hendler!
jhendler: I look forward to stealing (err, I mean citing) his best stuff!
jhendler: Jeff Heflin's Doctoral Thesis on The Semantic Web
jhendler: This is temporary location - for those who want a look (PDF version)
jhendler: URI will be posted again when it is moved to a more stable location
jhendler: Title <b> Towards the Semantic Web: Knowledge Representation in a Distributed Environment </b>
jhendler: Describes the SHOE system and also formally motivates the need for ontologies on the web.
AaronSw: So how much is W3C willing to pony up for Rob to do the new RDF Logo?
AaronSw: An O'Reilly bag, the new RDF T-Shirt, "Peer to Peer", an O'Reilly notebook, an O'Reilly deck of cards, and PRISM promotional material
AaronSw: From Aaron Swartz
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