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last updated at 2001-07-24 22:57
jonb: ripe for converting to a semweb app...
Seth: You can nest KIF in Semenglish
DanC_: RDF Core WG membership
DanC_: with intros from, e.g. Pat Hayes
DanC_: all docs
Seth: being developed by IEEE
DanC_: Daniel Mahler Jun 27 2001
DanC_: this baffled me; gotta noodle on it some more...
DanC_: ok, I get it now.
DanC_: ok... my position on #rdfs-no-cycles-in-subClassOf remains the same: A subclass B and B subclass A implies that A and B have the same members. it might not mean that A and B are identical, though.
dajobe: by Horrocks and Zhilin
dajobe: paper to be presented at ... SWWS !
sbp: See also my draft of the schema in Notation3
DanC_: this paper claims the single-layer design of RDF/RDF is a mistake. I disagree.
JimH-NH: tools for DAML/RDF and UML
JimH-NH: UML to represent architectures of systems, their goals and domain knowledge
sbp: Heuristic methods to synthesize systems
JimH-NH: Formal methods to specify goals, systems and domain knowledge as well as to analyze candidate systems
JimH-NH: DAML, RDF, RDFS, XML to capture and exchange background domain knowledge.
dajobe: [[According to HP Labs' vision of a Cooltown future, everybody and everything will carry some sort of presence ID which will communicate with its environment.]]
dajobe: [[As an example, URLs might be gathered...]
AaronSw: More interesting is their psuedo-sourceforge page
dajobe: launched today
AaronSw: Cooltown is the project that got Tim Kindberg to work on the tag uri scheme
dajobe: cooltown beliefs include "Everything has a web presence" - that would mean everything is on the web?, "Bridging the physical and online worlds"
dajobe: all software GPLed
dajobe: just emailed him, doesn't mention DanC/Tim's work yet
dajobe: oops missed Adding graph rules bit
dajobe: although that page has enormous blank bits on my browser
danbri: oh, cool! Using Notation 3,
danbri: "such as, cycle, adjacent, path, etc. We will add simple rules to define two graph concepts: adjacency and paths between nodes.
DanC_: nifty! more good stuff from JohnP
AaronSw: """Herbivore is similar to GnuPG or PGP, except that it is intended to operate totally automatically. So if you and me both have a Herbivore-enabled email client, any email that travels between us will automatically be encrypted; Herbivore will automatically generate public/private keypairs, exchange the public keys, encrypt on transmission and decrypt on receipt. """
AaronSw: Might be useful for some cwm/web of trust integration
AaronSw: It's written in Python so I suspect the APIs should be pretty accessible.
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