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last updated at 2001-04-25 22:39
dajobe: links to this very chump
dajobe: "SW is AI" says Bijan
bijan: But don't hurt me!
bijan: I may be hiding from rdfig-ers this week.
libby: seems to work reasonably well, but no doubt there are problems...
bijan: ...and no doubt those problems are all edd's fault, though he's sure to blame me.
libby: ....if there are any problems I take full responsibility !
danbri: Demo seems broken, but then it is 5 years old. I took a look at MOO code for talking to the Web last year; things seemed to be pretty fiddly even then.
danbri: I want to populate MOOs with objects whose state is read from the Web in XML/RDF, or queried as needed (eg. calendars, mp3 databases).
danbri: This would of course risk being used for "Collaborative Pilfering" but imho nevertheless needs building. See my RDF and MOO notes for further sketchy notes.
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