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last updated at 2001-04-09 23:18
sbp: Culture for the Semantic Web - a lighthearted introduction
danja: has online demo
danbri: Presented at the RDF IG face to face meeting.
danbri: Talking with Carl Lagoze recently about the Open Archives Initiative I was reminded of this early, Harvest-based, Web services proposal.
bijan: Good bargins, e.g., Locig For Applications for nigh half off.
bijan: I've had that book for a while but only just started reading it. Seems reasonable reliable.
bijan: Springer isn't generally reliable. Lots of good stuff, but some real clunkers, and somethings which could have easily be super-terrific (thus hurt worse than their actual badness).
bijan: Woopsie. I just noticed that Springer wants me to use this URI,, to link to the book's page. Oh well.
bijan: "Second, Adobe is introducing a new metadata architecture to PDF, one based on an RDF-compliant DTD."
bijan: Erhm...what exactly is a "RDF-compliant DTD"? Can I get one?
bijan: More interestingly (maybe), is that "Metadata can be attached both at the document and object level..."
bijan: Looks like they have some extended annotation stuff (including collaborative "over-the-web" annotations, blah blah blah).
bijan: More uninformative babble: "The second, XAP (Extensible Authoring and Publishing), is an RDF-compatible schema that can be extended by developers or sophisticated end users."
bijan: So it's a "schema", now? Why not show some examples instead of rearranging Adobe marketspeak in aesthetically (dis)pleasing ways? Am I a cynical grump? Yes!
bijan: Oscillating between the world of jargon (in the non-pejoritive sense) laden academic papers and jargon (in the extremely perjoritive sense) larded "tech" articles is making me dizzy!
bijan: Not quite as scary as it's title.
bijan: But close.
bijan: For under danbri's pillow.
bijan: "Because we want to treat interacting events, we make life more complicated for Junior. If he loses his ticket, he must wire Daddy in New York for money. Daddy, who normally indulges Junior, has to interrupt his block stacking and sell a block in order t
bijan: ...get the money to send Junior." Gotta love it!
danja: I think so, it's doesn't seem to be explicit in the doc
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