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last updated at 2013-06-01 22:50
danbri: Linked from W3C WebSchemas wiki
danbri: Each LocalBusiness is both a Place and also an Organization
gkellogg_: ! class hierarchy in JSON-LD
danbri: has <span class="center" itemprop="carbohydrateContent">75.5g</span>
danbri: Note no whitespace.
danbri: see also which has <li itemprop="carbohydrateContent"><span style="background-color: #a2c4c9;">Total Carbohydrate 39g</span></li>
gkellogg: ! Microdata to RDF registry
danbri_: From Holger Knublauch
danbri_: Note that 'range' will become 'rangeIncludes' (ditto 'domain' as 'domainIncludes')
Anchakor: '"Logic, Languages, and Categories are but three manifestations of one divine notion of computation. There is no preferred route to enlightenment: each aspect provides insights that comprise the experience of computation in our lives.'
Anchakor: 'Porting ideas between the fields has led to profound insights for all three.'
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