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last updated at 2012-03-19 19:49
bblfish: You need David Lewis, and a metaphysics of possible worlds to do surrealism justice.
bblfish: This came up during a philoweb conversation in Paris with Blaine Cook ( initial author of twitter and OAuth ) when Harry Halpin pointed out that the web is more and more linking up the unconscious
bblfish: At that point in the PhiloWeb discussion at the Pompidou Center in Paris we had just had a very quick summary of Quine and Donald Davidson, for which it just happens that I discovered a book has just appeared
bblfish: Villard Van Orman Quine was a strong meterilalist ( though he admitted sets) and the teacher of Donal Davidson who founded his logic on Tarski's Theory T of truth, turning it around to make a theory of meaning of it
bblfish: David Lewis was another student of Quine's but he moved to a possible worlds metaphysics which and created a logic that made it possible to easily speak about what the world would be like if pigs could fly for example, or if kangaroos did not have tails.
bblfish: He did not exclude impossible worlds.
bblfish: I wonder if one needs those to model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu work
DanC_: Last modified 3 years ago
DanC_: by Andrew McCall 21 Jun 2003
DanC_: "There are perhaps 30 developers worldwide who understand the autoconf tool chain."
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