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last updated at 2012-03-02 23:34
danbri: Anyone hacking java/microdata lately? Gremlin would be a fun use of that...
danbri: I've been living in the wiki much of the last week, but plenty more to do. Feedback/comments/additions/linkage very welcome...
danbri: BTW we are likely to have occasional/monthly W3C-hosted telecons for in near future, based around this table.
melvster: 1. Click on the magnifying glass (icon 4)
melvster: 2. Click on the Blue PLUS sign
melvster: 3. Add a triple
danbri: Since it asks you to specify a language, ... 'html4strict', 'xml', 'text', I wanted to see how to post html5 examples. The parsers seem to tolerate bad markup, which is perfect (for purpose of posting examples).
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