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last updated at 2012-02-24 22:12
danbri: What if Microdata and RDFa triples could be annotated per-property
danbri: e.g. something Turtle-esque inserted using HMTL5 data-* attributes?
danbri: Could be ignored by parsers, or extracted into tiny named graph-based annotations?
danbri: e.g. we have movie1-actor->someactor
danbri: What if we want to decorate that link with extra info. RDF Core doesn't permit this, but we could pass out-of-band info in the HTML and parse it into SPARQL-style Datasets instead?
danbri: The RDF alternative is to create intermediate nodes everywhere that extra info is needed.
danbri: See also tinkerpop/blueprints Property Graph model
danbri: List of all the public extension proposals I know of for Do take a look!
danbri: A draft/proposal for extension to describe software applications (PDF)
WikierOFF: will take place in Vienna, Austria
WikierOFF: at the Vienna University of Technology
WikierOFF: from September 03-08, 2012
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