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last updated at 2012-01-19 22:47
MacTed: DBpedia HTTP log report, regarding the SOPA and PIPA blackout of 2012-01-18
mischat: Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software
danbri: German/Dutch/etc speakers, ... do you like this flavour of English any more than the standard?
danbri: "For most of its being, mankind did not know what things are made of, but could only guess. With the growth of worldken, we began to learn, and today we have a beholding of stuff and work that watching bears out, both in the workstead and in daily life. "
danbri: This should be on everyone's "oof, I really ought to get around to trying that someday when things calm down" list for 2012
somehow machine-learning/statistical stuff is going to pick up the slack of the scruffy web
danbri: +1
danbri: (from gromgull)
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