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last updated at 2011-09-15 17:28
tobyink: Relational database to RDF mapping library for Perl
tobyink: Includes incomplete but usable support for W3C R2RML
tobyink: Built around kasei's RDF::Trine library and DBI (the defacto standard Perl database library).
danbri: Old news, but still cool :)
danbri: "The new DBpedia data set describes more than 3.64 million things, of which 1.83 million are classified in a consistent ontology, including 416,000 persons, 526,000 places, 106,000 music albums, 60,000 films, 17,500 video games, 169,000 organizations, 183,000 species and 5,400 diseases."
mischat: via ivanH
mischat: yay to having RDF-ie cultural heritage-ie stuff in the UK!
mischat: the actual sparql endpoint
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