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last updated at 2011-09-07 10:42
danbri: "Given this overlap of related functionality, one of the most common questions we hear is whether InfiniteGraph supports RDF (Resource Descriptive Framework) tuples (triples), whether it works like a triplestore, and/or if we can easily work alongside a triple store."
danbri: "The short answer to all these questions is: Yes."
danbri: "One of our latest large customers in the government space is using RDF as the means of integration, just the same way someone would use XML or CSV. They have a bunch of underlying medical records datastores that they extract to RDF, build a graph, and then perform queries against it. These queries are navigational across symptom paths and are used to predict disease, suggest future treatment, or determine the level of
danbri: "...benefits for disability. Tthe level of disability is found by traversing all disease edges and adding the weights. Some diseases make you more disabled then others. It’s very quantitative. This project involves a lot of data, is mission-critical, and serves the U.S. government.""
danbri: "InfiniteGraph can import RDF as easily as a triple store. You simply write parsing code that is basically a loop that reads RDF and creates a graph. What InfiniteGraph is best at though is navigational, multi-hop, multi-path analysis (also using arbitrary criteria on the vertex edge properties as well as filtering by type, degree of separation, etc). "
danbri: "For example, “Show me all of the people Todd called, AND all of the people that they called,” or “Show me all of the ways that Todd might have sent money to Jay.”"
danbri: "Yes, InfiniteGraph can be used to analyze triples and RDF. But if that’s all you want to do, then you really should just use a triple store."
danbri: "Our graph database trades some of the runtime flexibility (but not a lot) for well defined types and performance. RDF is fine for all the examples that have been circulated, if I just want to list all my friends or all the people I know who are married, its no big deal because the fanout of a single degree is extremely small."
danbri: "In fact, you can probably even just do it in mySQL for that matter. When we talk about scalability however, it’s not really about how much data we can store, but how quickly we can run across it. "
danbri: ...etc. I won't syndicate the whole thing here :)
dajobe: and explanation
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