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last updated at 2011-07-21 22:56
AAA_awright: "It's about time cyclists have rights" Clearly because cyclists were getting gunned down left and right prior to them having no rights as human beings.
danbri: "Will a world, overrun with forests, only use paper for packing the potato crisps eaten by hungry hackers? "
danbri: Seems not!
ww: to make that on-topic... anyone have an RDF way of modelling .torrents?
ww: which can be "download as" CSV
danbri: Oh, strange! When I revisit the site it has more options visible, last time I just saw the data grid. Maybe I wasn't logged in?
ww: and the answer... which doesn't match the government's reporting in any way that i can see...
danbri: "Using this input-output mechanism, the Caltech team assembled four neurons that give out specific DNA strand outputs that serve as both 'yes' or 'no' indicators in themselves and also inputs strands into other neurons."
danbri: See also robot music, to set the mood.
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