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last updated at 2011-06-06 18:04
mischat: only accessible via Tor
mischat: uses bitcoins
mischat: peer-2-peer anonymous buying and selling on the interwebs
mischat: hehe, and if you work somewhere lame then NSFW (maybe?!?!)
danbri: Who would even notice if it wasn't really anonymous?
KjetilK: full_md.html needs to be modified by hand though, since it is just escapes the HTML inside a pre element
KjetilK: There may be some weirdness with namespaces too
KjetilK: Derived from danbri's script in an earlier chump
danbri: Input was full_md.html
danbri: Can anyone help me make this work?
Anchakor: "And, like the RDF vocab providers, they should highlight use cases beyond SEO. The good news is that potential spam problems, which are more likely to occur in the SEO context, will now get associated with Microdata, not RDFa." great point
danbri: As-was
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