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last updated at 2011-03-30 15:29
danbri: This is rdf:type yago:HotDogRestaurants, which is subclassof yago:Restaurant104081281 so implicitly a class. But not listed directly as being a class.
gromgull: quick and crappy RDF/SKOS version - .csv file was hacked from sql dump somehow
gromgull: python file convert csv to SKOS using rdflib
gromgull: see for a jquery jtree view of SIC
danbri: With a bit of geo
ww: speaks RDF (via raptor) and CKAN JSON API protocol
ww: 25-50x faster than CKAN for API crawls, at least 5-10x more memory efficient
ww: work in progress... just a two-day hack
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