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last updated at 2011-01-29 14:56
webr3: "" we look for partners with a research interest in the subject of Semantic Web & Hybrid Cities ..
webr3: information resource?
zazi: some thoughts about using the forth element in quadruples for an optionally statement identifier
zazi: derived from internal structures of triple stores that often using statement identifiers internally, but not explicitly (externally, serializable)
timbl: You can also sign things using cwm's builtins, or just use python's crypto. You don't have to use PGP's funny wrappers for keys and certs -- you can just use hex and the math.
webr3: What does a URI name? agree? disagree?
webr3: looking for general sentiments of agreement or disagreement
webr3: node.js 0.3.2 pre w/ patched ssl implementation to expose subjectaltName, modulus, exponent
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