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last updated at 2010-11-03 15:46
mischat: | Soylent: A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside
webr3: "The only exception is for percent-encoded octets corresponding to characters in the unreserved set, which can be decoded at any time. For example, the octet corresponding o the tilde ("~") character is often encoded as "%7E" by older URI processing implementations; the "%7E" can be replaced by "~" without changing its interpretation.
webr3: colon is not in the unreserved set, so that was pointless
mhausenblas: stumbled upon it via recent Wired UK article
mhausenblas: very impressive, well annotated data source
mhausenblas: This must be turned into Linked Data - ASAP, IMHO ;)
ww: anyone tried these with RDF?
danbri: Or I think it was him, but the site's slashdotted so I can't check...
danbri: "The website at was built to demonstrate how a website that already allows users to login can help those users (and new users) leverage OpenID to login."
libby: (pdf)
danbri: I've not yet figured out what the scores mean
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