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last updated at 2010-10-18 19:48
webr3: uses briliiant code from forge and rdfa api prototype
webr3: keys are stored in localstorage permantently, to encrypt a message for somebody else paste there key in the first box
webr3: early prototype, best used in chrome
webr3: max size for encryption is 245 chars (limit imposed by 2048 bit RSA keys), unlimited for signing
danbri: This is really cool! :)
webr3: a signed message, c+p it in to second box and hit verify to see if it's corrupted or not
DanC: yeah... the 1st time I heard about somebody doing crypto in JS (yahoo login, maybe?) I could see a whole lot of possibilities opening up. This looks like good stuff!
webr3: fully client side parsing/serialization - lib works on both server and client (js)
webr3: if it fails on an N-Triples or Turtle file let know - it's been tested against use-cases but any in the wild errors would be good to know
danbri: Original co-creator of UDC subject classification (and indirectly therefore BBC's Lonclass)
" thereby giving rise to oddities to the effect that the different treatments of the right of gender self-identification makes it possible that the same person has a different administrative gender in Australia and in the US."
danbri: via twitter discussion
danbri: The paper cites "Milton SK. Top-Level ontology: the problem with naturalism. In: Guarino N, ed. Formal Ontology inInformationSystems.V ol85-94.Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press; 1998."
timbl: Needs help - links from other wikipedia pages, etc
DanC: er... looking at the edit history of the article, it looks like original research, not wikipedia material. see WP:NOR
timbl: "Unfortunately, this project hasn't indicated the best way to get help. "
tobyink: Supports transformations in XSLT1, XSLT2 and RDF-EASE.
DanC: re "Recursive GRDDL doesn't work yet." how about giving the client a method to get the profile documents? sort like discover() Then the client can implement this, I think.
tobyink: ... very contrived acronym.
DanC: wow! This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when we left the transformation language extensibility point in GRDDL. Something quite capable but less than turing-complete.
timbl: Uses x- for mime type and leading dash for CSS properties -- neither of which I think are good versioning strategies, should just ping the group and drop the x- so that you don't have migration issues later.
timbl: Can it do XML too? (e.g GPX, OFX, etc?)
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