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last updated at 2010-10-17 20:52
Shepard: Open transport data project by OSM founder
Shepard: "The code is open. The data is open. There will be the ability to modify both the long term and short term data. That means you can modify either the timetable for next season and you can also flag a particular route that is delayed right now today."
csarven: SearchMonkey tool and docs are updated. There is an "object finder" (see validate your markup) for a given URI which tests and outputs a key/value pair of whatever it finds in their index for that URI.
csarven: It seems to be interested in vCard (no FOAF) only at the moment for RDFa markup.
csarven: .. for local object info
danbri: Searchmonkey definitely had some foaf support. It's all on hold now anyway, due to the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal.
danbri: "I'm asking because a couple of people have asked me about RDF calendar
danbri: "I'm starting to forget too, evidently."
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