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last updated at 2010-05-14 21:23
webr3: Jeff doing great work in Asia | good for the web!
webr3: Increased input from innovaters and techies in Asia, even better
tobyink1: quite nice JSON output. comment the first: it's not possible to convert this back to the source RDF, but I assume that's a non-goal, so that's fine.
tobyink: comment the second: "_about" is perhaps a bit RDF-jargony.
timbl: Example API for schools
timbl: Goal to allow access by non-RDF people to RDF data without having to think about it
timbl: JSON developers please look at this stuff, use it and give feedback
melvster: Right now, for the Diaspora team, we have to finish school/graduate. Then, we are going to spend a week or two getting ready for three months of intense coding.
melvster: If you want to see what we are up to, we will be hanging out on the GNU Social mailing list, as well as a few other places as we work on defining some common protocols between like minded projects.
melvster: Right now we have a Ruby on Rails prototype that communicates with HTTP GET calls that get encrypted JSON blocks, and friend requests with PUT calls.
melvster: For the real thing, we're talking about XMPP as our first between-node interface, but running an XMPP server might be a little heavy. We definitely think that defining http routes is a lightweight way provide pull access to data.
melvster: bit-torrent like transfer of larger files with the seed acting as tracker, OpenID provision
melvster: possibly a TahoeFS implementation to make redundancy inherent, and the ability to quickly implement pull from arbitrary services to make moving to a decentralized system easier.
webr3: a cut down version of dbpedia, called dbpedia lite:
webr3: source code
mischat: uses wikipedia API, instead of the dbpedia dump, an actual reflection of wikipedia URIs
webr3: Linked Data on dbpedialite (literally)
webr3: would be really good if it had Categories and LINKs to other resources
mischat: "XML is like violence - if it doesn’t solve your problems, you are not using enough of it."
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