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last updated at 2010-05-13 21:42
danbri: "On collaboration and automatabilty, Sept 95"
danbri: "The web today is a medium for communication between people, using computers as a largely invisible part of the infrastructure. One of the long-term goals of the consortium is "Automatability", the ability for computers to make some sense of the information and so help us in our task."
danbri: " It has been the goal of mankind for so long that machines should help us in more useful ways than they do at present, help us solve some of those human problems. Maybe this is one of the many ideas (like hypertext) which the web's great scale will allow to work where it did not achieve critical mass on a small scale before. "
danbri: "So there are groups looking at a web of knowledge representation. It could be that some scientific field will be the first to be sufficiently disciplined to input its data not just as cool hypertext, but in a machine-readable form, allowing programs to wander the globe analysing and surmising."
danbri: Shopping it round the foaf lists...
danbri: "Authors should be able to specify some end-to-end check that lets a user verify that he got the bits the author wanted him to get. Specifically, the links in a document should contain enough information for this kind of check, so that an author can sign a document and not worry about linked documents changing." (reported DanC lunch comments)
danbri: So how would this look in rdfa?
DanC: timbl once sketched a design for XML signature in RDF. and cwm has some crypto built-ins. hmm.
DanC: hmm... I'm not sure the docs have been updated since the development of, which works on any shaped RDF input, unlike the XSLT version
karlcow: not sure owl is the first thing to go with :)
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