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last updated at 2010-05-12 18:19
kennyluck: information for the server version, not true for the ff extension
MacTed: needs some on-page, inline notation to make this distinction clear!
MacTed: "The Tabulator" is used to refer to both the server-side and extension versions
kennyluck: requesting a community to maintain the tabulator!
kennyluck: open-sourced MIT licence hg repository on
MacTed: 18 months of unofficially updated builds
webr3: free SSL certificates with a valid authority chain
kennyluck: fight between RDFa and microdata :(
webr3: possible foaf-ssl scenario for FOAF+SSL+XMPP note STARTTLS route may also be useful for FOAF+SSL+EMAIL
tobyink1: Any process that requires the document behind the WebID to actively do something is a bit of a non-starter. Many WebIDs are just going to be bits of static RDF/XML or HTML+RDFa sitting on $1/month servers somewhere.
MacTed: Rhizomatik forces https connection with invalid certs... this does not encourage my trust of the security-focused thoughts presented.
webr3: Uniform Messaging Policy, Level One
webr3: CORS and Uniform Messaging Policy
vCards and Shadows
tobyink1: Here are some thoughts on how to model vCard and FOAF data together.
tobyink1: This comes out of my microformat parsing module for Perl.
tobyink1: A person might have one or more addresses and one or more locations.
tobyink1: Just as an object in the sun casts a shadow, a v:Vcard can be thought of as a shadow of a foaf:Person.
tobyink1: Similarly, the addresses and locations in the vCard are shadows of geo:SpatialThings.
tobyink1: The shadows and the objects that cast them are distinct things, but can be related to each other using RDF properties.
Anchakor: IMHO persons profile is like his shadow, vCard is just a profile
tobyink1: Some RDF predicates for associating vCards with foaf:Person and foaf:Document resources -
tobyink1: <> a rdf:Property ; rdfs:domain [owl:unionOf (vcard:Address vcard:Location)] ; rdfs:range geo:SpatialThing .
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