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last updated at 2010-05-11 20:27
melvster: great audio on open market place
webr3: User Agents Implementing CORS, as of 11th May 1010 Firefox, Chrome, IE partial, Safari
webr3: The "rel" Attribute for Atom Syndication
webr3: number of doap projects according to
webr3: 41622 on 11 May 2010
karlcow: using jquery
mhausenblas: found some 8k entities
kennyluck: I really doubt the quality of the seach
kennyluck: For example, the 7th item is a N3 file I created. It has no doap:Project in it.
kennyluck: but a rdf:Property with rdfs:domain as doap:Project
kennyluck: maybe the query itself is mistyped?
mhausenblas: it's inferred ...
kennyluck: RDF ID: on it
kennyluck: Semantic Web folks! Let's do it for our profile pages, shall we!
kennyluck: Notice that the contemporary term is WebID.
kennyluck: I prefer "WebID:" over "FOAF:". The latter makes little sense to be.
webr3: general opinion of FOAF+SSL community is that WebID should be the public term for a WebID, FOAF+SSL for technical terms
webr3: WebID transcends any specific technical implementations
kjetilkWork: with an example from my hand
kennyluck: Thanks, kjetilkWork
kjetilkWork: I don't know if he really thinks it is ready for wide exposure though, but it does work :-)
kennyluck: a page with Changes.ttl sample would be very helpful
mhausenblas: Proposed mechanism to flag CORS support in voiD
mhausenblas: Technical Features of a dataset in voiD
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