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last updated at 2010-03-23 16:43
kjetilkWork: With tobyink and kasei as invited speakers
kjetilkWork: A bunch of hackers are coming together to hack and release interesting code
kjetilkWork: More participants are wanted, please ping KjetilK
danbri: "Which online services are SaaS? Google Docs is a clear example. Its basic activity is editing, and Google encourages people to use it for their own editing; this is SaaS."
danbri: "It offers the added feature of collaborative editing. but adding participants doesn't alter the fact that editing on the server is SaaS."
danbri: "...the main service of Facebook is social networking, and that is not SaaS"
danbri: I don't understand the distinction being drawn here. Editing documents vs maintaining a contacts list and exchanging messages with the people in it.
danbri: Is it just that Facebook isn't a web-based clone of an existing desktop offering?
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