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last updated at 2010-01-05 22:21
danbri: " Does Google Show How the Semantic Web Could Replace Public Key Infrastructure?", Joseph Reagle (in 2002)
tobyink: Mmmm.... bacon.
DanC: where did this page come from? I don't see any links to context nor signature
DanC: re ter Horst's OWL subset, I converted the rules from the paper into owlth.n3
MacTed: I'm not entirely clear on the achievement here ... they've materialized the triples implied by inverse-functional properties?
MacTed: so forward-chaining (massively multiplying data size by materializing imiplied triples) is somehow thought to be more scalable than backward-chaining (reasoning over triples implied by existing data)?
MacTed: the Horst OWL dialect summary helps ... but I'm still not clear on what has been achieved.
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