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last updated at 2009-12-07 23:26
PovAddict: eek! seems to be down
melvster: FOAF+SSL Authentication Library in PHP
melvster: login via SSL or using a delegated server
melvster: after initial login (delegated or SSL), it will remember your credentials in the session
melvster: also pulls in your FOAF profile, and friends
shellac: Lists government data commitments
iand: includes the National Public Data Repository that covers timetables of public transport in each local authority.
iand: Professor Nigel Shadbolt will lead a local public data panel to ensure that data are linked effectively across local authorities, the Local Government Association, government departments and agencies
iand: Public data will be published using open standards and following the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium
iand: Any 'raw' dataset will be represented in linked data form
iand: More public data will be released under an open licence which enables free reuse, including commercial reuse
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