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last updated at 2009-09-06 11:53
tommorris: the RDF/XML doesn't contain all the same detail as the HTML or JSON representation, but it contains enough to start being useful
tommorris: specifically, the RDF contains author list, title, publisher, dcterms:issued (as a string like "July 1, 2008" rather than "2008-07-01"^^xsd:date), pages, edition information, subject and so on.
tommorris: it looks like this - - is the commit that fixed the output. anyone want to go through and figure out what else can be added? I'm thinking the easiest way is to look at the JSON output from a range of books.
tobyink: Seems to mix dcterms and dc1.1 more or less arbitrarily. An improvement might be to switch to dcterms fully.
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