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last updated at 2009-09-02 18:59
karlushi: FOAF file for the description of a Group
mhausenblas: Rich Snippet allows you to enhance your Google search results by marking up web pages with Microformats or RDFa - Test your website ;)
danja__: observation of the social web by chumbawumba (via danbri)
Wikier: app aggregating content from multiple online services, associates the content through links, and recommends new stuff
Wikier: running on the new Maemo5 mobile OS (Debian+GTK by Nokia)
Wikier: quite interesting to know what's the role of semantic technologies in that prototype...
CloCkWeRX1: Funding for opening up gov. data, 6 items, each approx AUD $40,000
CloCkWeRX1: Of interest: early leadership in Semantic Web
CloCkWeRX1: Deliverable - report by 19/10/09
CloCkWeRX1: project requirements @
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