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last updated at 2009-06-01 23:27
tobyink: Updated yesterday. Allows you to describe multiple URIs for the same thing.
tobyink: Example usage at the bottom.
timbl: Spinning a data Web Semantic Web technologies could revolutionize enterprise decision making and information sharing. Here’s why
timbl: Making Semantic Web connections: Linked Data technology can change the business of enterprise data management
timbl: Traversing the Giant Global Graph: Tom Scott of BBC Earth describes how everyone benefits from interoperable data.
MacTed: From folksonomies to ontologies: Uche Ogbuji of Zepheira discusses how early adopters are introducing Semantic Web to the enterprise
MacTed: How the Semantic Web might improve cancer treatment: M. D. Anderson’s Lynn Vogel explores new techniques for combining clinical and research data
MacTed: Semantic technologies at the ecosystem level: Frank Chum of Chevron talks about the need for shared ontologies in the oil and gas industry
mhausenblas_: hm. I certainly don't agree with the last paragraph ;)
mhausenblas_: 'PS just in case the Linked Data folks feel left out, I still think RDF and semweb geekery is way too confusing for mortals ... '
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