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last updated at 2009-04-22 23:04
kidehen: Interesting page developing on Knol re. Global Brain
Shepard: mnot talk on HTTP history, HTTPbis work, state of implementations, future of HTTP
MacTed: <tobyink> The idea is to make this part of's profile editing interface, allowing a person to find an existing WebID. (By default gives everyone a WebID of "".)
MacTed: <tobyink> That way, can avoid minting a new WebID for people - it can simply use their old one.
tobyink: actively seeking suggestions about what other sites provide nice webids. (right now, just My Opera and Identica/Laconica are handled)
tobyink: source code
dajobe: W3C ACL protected right now - some w3c staff can fix?
danja: (good scribing guys!)
Anchakor: nice link I just found on crawling the web
Anchakor: comparison between distributed/centralized etc.
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