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last updated at 2009-03-21 22:23
melvster: Social Graph Visualization
melvster: You can click through contacts, only features twitter but a FOAF version would be interesting
melvster: If you want to embed the graph on your own site, you can download the XML input that represents your network by clicking on the disk icon. Then download the flashgraph.swf file and include it in your own page
mhausenblas: only two month left for submitting a kwel demo
mhausenblas: ping [me] in case you have any question
mhausenblas: beside the many other things this young talented lady does, this might be one thing yielding tangible results :D
tobyink: didn't we discuss this a couple of months ago?
tobyink: the RDFa is hideously broken.
tobyink: e.g. about="Paris Hilton"
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