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last updated at 2009-03-20 17:14
mhausenblas: unusual but interesting :)
mhausenblas: where's the RDFa?
mhausenblas: or does W3C want to risk being called a snake oil?
tobyink1: I like - much less cluttered. Agree re RDFa.
Shepard: Zooming leads to overlaps in Opera for me (not in FF though)
bblfish: comment on twitter "the new w3c design needs to lose half the vertical pixels in the header"
MacTed: looks like tasty linked data to me...
tobyink: Why class=vevent_list ? class=vcalendar would make more sense.
karlcow: looks like annotea but a lot better. Wonder if RDF batteries are included
tobyink1: Log into any OpenID-enabled site using your FOAF+SSL certificate!
tobyink1: Here's the source code. Instructions will follow when comes back up.
bblfish: Blogged about foaf+ssl OpenId service here:
tobyink: Instructions for usage
melvster: Please ignore!
tobyink1: down
tobyink: Still down
mhausenblas: incl. sentiment analysis
mhausenblas: basically what they do is some named entity recognition on feeds
mhausenblas: additionally you'll have some basic provenance information (where the data stems from, such as blogs, news, etc.)
tobyink1: -
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